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Fine motor skills & coordination skills

Develop CONCENTRATION & coordination skills





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 We all live in a diverse world. Come, lets Rejoice Our Roots!

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We all live in a diverse world, which celebrates various cultures, traditions, ethnicities and religions. Every culture and tradition have underlying values that teach us beliefs of faith, integrity, respect, strong work ethics and values of selflessness. Cultural awareness and tradition play important roles in helping our young children develop a positive sense of identity & build self-esteem. Therefore, teaching children about tradition and culture in the modern context calls for a fresh perspective - one that takes into consideration the modern sensibilities and the environment we live in.


Rejoice our Roots makes an attempt to do the same by creating activities that will help you share and teach young children the importance of our traditions & culture. The activities also emphasize the importance of family time, respecting elders and the importance & joy of celebrating festivals.


Festivals are a great way of learning about our traditions and culture. They offer a sense of belonging and serve as an anchor that binds a person to his/her roots.


These “Fun with Culture” activity boxes help children take the basic step in understanding traditions using different forms of art, craft & stories. Come, lets Rejoice Our Roots!


is in this box

Exposure to multiple concepts like science, design, Indian culture and more.


Innovative activities to build your child’s attention span.


Packed with 3 to 4 fun learning activities that focus on creativity and fine motor skills.


Literature that speaks about history and reasons of each festival




can use this

Activity boxes for the Age group of 3 to 8 years old.


Growth and development includes not only the physical changes but also some of the changes in thinking, personality, emotional and speech.


use this box

Will answer your child’s curiosity about the cultural festivals.


Do the activities with your child that reminds you of your childhood.


Teach your child life skills and learn about our roots.


Fun- learning activity boxes to foster creativity.

We ordered the Ganesh Chaturthi box from Rejoice our roots because with school closed what better way to keep kids engaged?! What I got was amazing fully equipped box of very high quality. My daughter (age 5) thoroughly enjoyed and looked for the next day to do the next activity and learn more things about Lord Ganesha . Even I got to learn few facts which I wasn't aware of.

This box is for all ages and a great way to have an inclusive experience of the pre festivities.

This was a very well thought and executed box of creativity and I cannot wait for the next one!


Sweta Patel, Ahmedabad - August 8,2020